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Why Use an Inventory

Tenancy deposit protection does not make inventories compulsory. However, in practice, they are essential and should even be considered for best practice if not taking a deposit. Not only will you need an inventory in the sense of a list of items included in the tenancy (e.g. beds, curtains etc) but the inventory will have to record any damage/the condition of each item and any existing defects at the beginning of the tenancy will need to be set out.



If your deposit is intended to cover damage to the property itself you will also need a condition schedule. Again, this will need to record any damage which exists when the tenancy starts.



If an item of furniture is new or if the property has been recently internally decorated this will need to be recorded in your conditions schedule. You will need to take a full photographic record (e.g. with a digital camera or camcorder).



When and how to take an Inventory



You will need to take an inventory/condition schedule both at the start of the tenancy and when the tenancy ends. You will need to make sure that at the beginning of the tenancy the tenant(s) signs off the inventory/condition schedule.



You must make sure that you check it carefully before they sign. Any photographs should be dated. For example you can always hold up a newspaper showing the date when you take one of the photographs.



It may not always be possible to get the tenant to check out the inventory/condition schedule at the end of the tenancy but try to do so wherever possible.



James Pye & Son will always use a qualified member of staff either Paul or Shaunna to prepare these inventories/condition schedule to ensure that our Landlords properties and possessions are safeguarded as much as possible.



We put you in....... We check you out! Plus the fact its cheaper than an independent clerk! Since 2007 we have only ever had one dispute...... and they lost! 



For further information or to arrange an Inventory for your property, please contact James Pye & Son on 01756 700007.