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Tenants Guide to Renting

At James Pye & Son we pride ourselves in providing a professional & efficient service for our tenants. To help you understand the letting process of a property we have produced the attached Tenants Guide To Renting which will help to steer you through the process from finding your property to moving in.



Finding A Rental Property

Whatever your rental needs, when you contact James Pye & Son you can be assured of friendly and professional advice. We will discuss your requirements with you, and arrange to view properties that suit your needs.




Once you have found a property that you would like to rent, we will liaise with the landlord to negotiate rent and terms. The minimum term for AST tenancies is 6 months. Rent is usually payable per calendar month in advance.


Securing Your Property

When the terms have been agreed for your chosen property, you will be required to complete a Tenancy Application Form and provide proof of your Identity and residence as well as proof of income and pay a fee to cover the referencing process and setting up a tenancy. The holding fee is £200. Should you withdraw from the transaction after this point, or references are not acceptable, your deposit will not be refunded. Once successful in your application, the fee will go towards your bond.




References will be taken on all tenants. We also use a credit reference agency at an additional cost of £20 per person and will need certain personal and employment details before you move in. References will also be taken on the guarantor at an no additional cost.



Tenancy Agreement

When satisfactory references have been obtained, we will prepare a Tenancy Agreement between the Landlord and Tenant. This must be signed by both parties prior to the commencement of the tenancy. 


Before You Move In

Before you can move into a property, you must pay one calendar month’s rent in advance and a security deposit. The deposit will be logged with The Dispute Service against any damage to the property (full details will appear in the Tenancy Agreement). The deposit will be returned after completion of the Check-out at the end of the Tenancy, subject to the condition of the property and payment of all utility accounts.



Moving In

As a tenant, you will be responsible for paying all utilities, i.e. Gas, Electricity, Water, Council Tax, Telephone and TV Licence charges. Therefore, you must register with the relevant companies. We work with Tenant Shop, who are a company that can offer you coparisons for both media and energy, ensuring you are set up on the best possible energy tariff.



Rental Payments

You will have to arrange with your bank to set-up a standing order for your rental payments, and have the responsibility to check that payments have been set up correctly as the bank will not discuss your account with a third party. Please note that where James Pye & Son are responsible for the management of the property and/or the collection of the rent, late rental payments will incur a charge to cover additional costs involved in rectifying the situation. At the end of the tenancy it is the tenant’s responsibility for additional payments made from the tenants account.



Moving Out

There will usually be a check-out inspection with a member of our staff when you move out to record the condition and contents of the property at the end of the term. This will determine the amount of the deposit to be returned after vacation. Tenants are responsible for cleaning the property at the end of the tenancy, if the check-out report stipulates that further cleaning is required, James Pye & Son or the Landlord may instruct a cleaning company, all charges incurred are payable by the tenant. This usually amounts to around £50.




If you wish to stay on in your rental property after the end of your initial tenancy, we will be happy to arrange a renewal for you, subject to the Landlord’s agreement. We will prepare all required renewal documents for you and the cost of this will be payable by the Tenant.




Company Lets

For a tenancy where the rent is paid by a company, please note this will not be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. As a result the Tenancy Agreement will need to be signed by an authorised company signatory (usually a Director).



Summary Of Tenants Responsibilities

• To pay rent on time as agreed in the tenancy agreement
• To pay council tax, utility bills including water rates
• To pay all telecommunications and television fees including TV licence, broadband, cable connections etc.
• To keep the property in good, clean condition.
• To report any maintenance issues to the Landlord or James Pye & Son as soon as they arise to avoid further dilapidation
• To ensure that all windows & doors are locked when leaving the property.