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Property Maintenence

Any maintenance issues please call our management team on 01756 700007 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please note that for emergency repairs out of normal office hours, this number should still be used and a recorded message will give you a contact telephone number.



The above team are available to help with any problems that you may have with the property and will be happy to advise on any issues or queries that you may have during your tenancy.



We have a team of contractors at our disposal who are available to carry out repairs and maintenance at the property. The following notes however are for your guidance and may help you resolve some minor problems without having to call out a contractor.



 If you can smell gas



  • Call the National Gas 24hr emergency number immediately on 0800 111 999 and listen to the instructions that are given.



  • Advise James Pye & Son's Management Dept. of the situation on 01756 700007.



Water leaking into your property



  • If you discover water coming in through the ceiling, you need to act quickly to safeguard the property and your possessions.



  • If there is a flat above your property, go and speak to the occupants and get them to shut off the source of the leak. If they are not in, leave a note asking them to contact yourself or James Pye & Son.



  • If your property is on the top floor, call James Pye & Son's immediately and we will action the relevant trades company.



There is no power in the property



  • If you lose your electricity supply completely, it is possible there has been a power cut.



  • Check to see if your neighbours have lost their supply. If they have, it is likely that there has been a power cut in your area and you will have to wait for the power company to deal with this.



  • If your property is the only one affected, check the fuse box, if the power does not return call James Pye & Son’s Management Department on 01756 700007.



Access to your property



  • If we can give our tradesmen keys to your property, this will allow them to attend promptly. However, if you wish to be present while work is being carried out, you should be aware that this can delay response times as due to the nature of their work, tradesmen cannot always guarantee appointment times.



  • If you lock yourself out of the property during office hours, James Pye & Son will be happy to help, please contact the office and we will assist where possible. If you lock yourself out of office hours and require the services of a 24 hour locksmith, you will be liable for the cost.



Drainage problems



  • Please ensure that cooking fat and or hot oils are not poured down the drains as this may result in a blockage. If this is found to be the source of a problem, you will be charged for the necessary works.



  • If there is a Saniflo toilet in the property, please ensure that no solid items of any description are put in this toilet. It is designed for human waste only and any costs resulting from misuse will be charged to the tenants.



  • If you have a problem with poor drainage in the property, please call James Pye & Son’s Management Dept. on 01756 700007.




Radiators are cold



  • If the central heating is working and the top of the radiator is cold, it probably needs bleeding and trapped air needs to be released. To do this;



  • Switch off the heating.



  • The valve you need to turn can be found at one end of the radiator towards the top.



  • With a rag beneath to catch any drips of water, use a radiator key to slacken the air bleed valve (these can be purchased for a nominal amount from any hardware store). There will be a hissing sound as the air comes out. As soon as water appears, close the valve again.



  • The heating can now be switched back on.



  • If the radiator still does not heat up fully, call James Pye & Son’s Management Dept. on 01756 700007.