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Presenting your Home

Years of experience shows that there is a clear correlation between the time invested in presenting your home for photography, the number of viewings and the property's saleability. It is the presentation that creates the initial interest from potential buyers - once this interest is established there is a greater chance of viewings and subsequently, offers.

First impressions start on the internet, window displays and in magazines. It is these impressions that create the demand for your home. It is therefore imperative that your home is presented in its best possible light from the moment the photographs are taken. Investing time upfront often reaps rewards with greater interest and increased offers down the line. Make sure your home is clean and tidy and not too crowded with personal effects and furniture.

Windows should be cleaned and curtains and blinds pulled aside to let in as much natural light as possible. Arrange the furniture in a welcoming manner so as not to create barriers but allow the buyer to be drawn into the room. Make sure all lights are in working order and replace any blown light bulbs.

The front of the house is often overlooked - remove unsightly rubbish, clean the window sills and if possible, add a splash of colour with seasonal window boxes. Rear gardens are just as important; arrange furniture and add colour were possible.

These guidelines are just as important for vacant properties as well as those that are let out.

• Clear kitchen work surfaces and tables of excessive cookware and kitchen aids
• De-clutter the fridge of notes, photographs and fridge magnets
• Add fresh fruit and flowers and candles to create a subtle yet welcoming atmosphere


• Keep clean and tidy where possible and remove objects such as scattered clothing, personal and decorative objects
• If possible add decorative pillows and a bed spread sympathetic with the colour scheme of the room
• Clear bedside tables and use flowers and candles to create an ambient atmosphere
Living Rooms

• Keep the sofa and occasional chairs clean and tidy and where possible add decorative cushions to your seating arrangements
• Reduce the number of personal effects on display
• If there is excessive furniture consider removing some to create a more spacious environment
• If there is a fireplace either arrange logs in the grate or light the fire

• Remove personal effects where possible
• Hang clean towels complimentary to the colour scheme of the room to create an attractive first impression
• Clean the suite to avoid any embarrassment using antibacterial cleaning products, especially to the grout and sealant around the bath or shower